Sun City Realty
Margaret Denneny/ Broker/Resident/Owner
Recommended Referrals
These are the business people I use. Please get more than one quote. I would also like to hear back from you regarding the servce you received from them.


Nails-Lotus Salon                      Nicole                            760-200-4500

Hair   Lotus Salon                    Letty Vargas                 760-200-4500

Chiropractor                           Veronica Slaughter        760-340-4157

Computer Techs:          

Teckfusion   Keith                                                              760-831-3161          


Dog Groomer Mobile             Lisa bartell                     760-797-5888

Dog Groomer                           Paws Paw                       760-360-5258


Air conditioning                     A&G Air                             760-342-0100

Blind repair                            Desert Blind                       760-779-8932

Cabinet Refinishing              Rudy Mora                        760-397-6759 Rudymex refinishing       

                                                  Manuel Castillo                 760-391-0439                                                  

Concrete Cleaners                 Chris                                    760-774-5306

Carpet and Tile Retailer       Works – Albane               760-770-5778

Electrician                               Jeff Kitchen                       760-861-0686

Florist                                      (Country Club Florist)     760-773-3637

Golf cart repair to you         Felix Torres                       760-899-7167 Comes to you

Golf cart carts- sales           Arnold Fishler                    760-772-6636

Garage floor pebble tech     Phil Santoro                      760-636-0309

Handyman                             Steve Bayard                    760-610-9827 

                                                 Jerry Kress                         760-565-6198            

                                                         Tom Duggan                     360-319-7611    

Care giver-Per Assistant   Blanca                                 760-399-2923

Tile/Carpet cleaners           Mat                                      760-592-3333

Generation Carpet/Tile      Ed                                        760-863-2199  760-289-8041




Household Continues 

Shower Doors                                 Abraham Vintage                 888-307-4697.  

Irrigation repair                       Dov Israeli                     760-641-6726 

Landscape Design                  Desert Concepts              760-272-0799 Antonio

Mirrors  and Glass                Henry Glass                      760-360-2800

                                                   Leos Glass                          760-568-9909

Movers                                   Ben Jack                            760-408-3854

                                                   Nathen Hache                   760-565-5475


                                                Luis Sanchez                  760-835-8372

                                                  Jesus Ruvalcaba                760-275-2169

                                                 Phil Santoro                        760-636-0309

                                                Jose Castaneda                    760-413-9092                                                  

Photographer                      Conrad Lembers                  760-345-3501

Plumber                                David Williams                     760-296-1397

 Pool Service                        James Lee                             760-969-3795


Walt Keiser lives in Sun City                                            760-360-4905

Ross Construction                   Mark                                 760-898-4003

Paul David Restoration         Lynn Johnson                 760-360-1855                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Travel Agent                           Rozzie Perlmuth                   760-200-0835

                                                                                   Cell          818-521-8848 

Mary Ellen Travel Agent                                                      760-972-4466


Tile & carpet cleaners           Mat                                         760-592-3333                                                                                                                                                                             

Tile Work                                  Jeremy Williams                 760-578-2338

                                                     Louis Sanchez                     760-835-8372

                                                     Mike Phelps                         760-578-2762

Tub Fixer                                    Ben                                        760-404-8593

Taxi Service                        Goodlife transportation             760-341-2221

Tree Removal                           Andys Tree Service             760-320-8850

Window Washer                     Efferon  Gonzales                  760-333-0422                                                   

Business Referrals

Bookkeeper /Notary/taxes/ legal services  Eileen Miller    760-346-0858

Classis consignment               Doug Arbuthnot                        760-568-4948

 Design Services                     Donna Quinn                             760-831-1737

Estate Sales                              Nanette O'Meara                        760-636-4982 

Estate Sales                              Jack & John                                  760-534-3145

Escrow                                      CVS Escrow-Cindy Mozengo   760-716-6723

                                                    Pacifi Coast Escrow-Liza           760-568-0344

Home Maintance for Absentee owners -

                                                    Dianne Kay                           Cell 760-636-8596                                                

Lock Smith                                                                                       877-295-2727

Mortgage Lender                     Ed Lonstein                                760-413-866

Notary                                        Steve Bayard                                760-200-9917

Notary                                       Barbara Murphy                         760-485-8406

Garage Door restore              Rob                                                 760-345-3990 

Door Panel repair                  Door Pro                                         760-360-9300

Garage Door repair               Mark                                               760-343-6889

Home Warranty                     Penny Olender -Fidelity             760-578-4124  

Moving Coach                                                                                   760-218-8548

Home Inspectors                     

ABS Home Inspection          Dan Mc Grath                                760-200-6561                                       

                                                    Chris                                               760-333-4547

Pest Inspection                        Rudy’s Pest-Yolanda                  760-775-7216

                                                    Dewey Pest                                   760-343-2912

Roof and Tile Repair            Roof Tile Specialty                     760-200-0811

                                                   Bill Fitzgerald                               760-275-4749

Senior Living Alternatives    Sheri  Share                                760-636-8460

Vacation Rentals of the Desert                                                   760-324-3456

Window seals                          Atrium windows                        602-272-2699

                                                   Kip                                                 760-578-4058



Sun City Realty 

Margaret Denneny

Senior Real Estate Specialist